Pueblo, Co
Sept 30th, 2023



Red Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Red Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue (RCVF&R) was founded in 1996 on the principle of "neighbors helping neighbors." RCVF&R has since operated on a volunteer basis without state, county or local tax funding.  

The department serves a 107 square mile rural coverage area which encompasses more than 300 properties, homes and businesses and an estimated population of over 600. RCVF&R now also has mutual aid agreements and procedures set in place which include many surrounding areas including Wetmore, Beulah, Pueblo, Custer and Freemont counties.

At its inception, the department developed in a grassroots manner. Originally volunteers responded through a "phone tree system" with their personal vehicles and a few fire extinguishers, as their only equipment. In 2003, a three bay fire station was completed and equipped with older model fire trucks, all of which were donated.

Since then the department has evolved, they have added another truck bay to the station, newer trucks have been donated, they have fully integrated with Pueblo County Emergency Services dispatch systems with radio and text and obtain training and certification through collaborations with other departments and agencies.


After the debut event in Hico, Texas in 2021, Gravel Locos is adding a second event in Pueblo, Colorado, a town of 110,000 on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. The setting may be different, but the heart of the entire race series remains the same: Helping Volunteer Fire Departments Nationwide.

As you have come to expect, we’ll be raising funds to support a local volunteer fire department. In Pueblo 2022, we are raising funds for the Red Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue. Our pledge is to expand the fire house in order for them to be able to fit all their fire trucks, as well as adding indoor bathrooms because they currently don't have any. We are incredibly thankful for the work these brave men and women do in order to keep their community safe. Join us in showing them our appreciation for their dedication to the safety of all of us that enjoy riding gravel in Pueblo. A $10 donation is included by default in your registration; you will need to uncheck the box if you do not wish to support our fundraising efforts for RCVF&R.

Thank you for your support!

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