Hico, TX
May 18th, 2024


Make sure you arrive informed. This is mandatory reading for everyone!
The race bible is subject (and likely) to change as we near race-day. So make sure to check back in here frequently, or at least in depth before you arrive for the event!

Hico, Texas

Where Everybody Is Somebody! (official motto of the town)


Entries are not refundable nor deferrable.

Your registration is not refundable, nor transferrable to another rider, or deferrable to another Gravel Locos event or year. The event is rain or shine. Because it is for a charitable cause, under no circumstances will your registration fees or merchandise fees be refunded or registration deferred. Be sure when you sign up!

General Statements

Helmets are mandatory. Your bike must be in working order in order to be on the start line (think of the ABC Quick Check).


Thursday 5/16

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Mingle and dine with pros in Hico (VIP Experience - email us if you're interested)

Friday 5/17

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Pre-Ride with the pros in Hico.

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Hico @ Mustang Hill RV Park & Wild Horse Arena Venue

Packet Pickup (see details below)

Saturday 5/18

6:00 am - 7:30 am, Hico @ Mustang Hill RV Park & Wild Horse Arena Venue

Packet Pickup (see details below)

7:30 am Mass start for all 4 routes

GL150 riders will stage in the front, then GL100, then GL60 and GL30 will be staged in the back.

1:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Hico @ Mustang Hill RV Park & Wild Horse Arena Venue

Rider meal available to all registered participants thanks to local sponsors.

Included with each entry is one meal, served and prepared by the Hico Volunteer Fire Department and local Hico volunteers. When you finish your ride, please come see us at the Gravel Locos booth to get your lunch ticket. For those over 21, get a well deserved ice cold beer by visiting the Gravel Locos tent to get your drink ticket that is redeemable at the beer booth.

*Breakfast Option on Race Day (5/18) only*

We've teamed up with Buzzed Brumby Espresso Bar and 2nd Street Bakeshop here in Hico to bring you espresso based coffees and breakfast prior to the race! There is no pre-ordering this year; both food trucks will be set up the morning of the race starting at 5:30 am, and will accept cash or card. The food trucks will be located near the registration tables, at Mustang Hill Ranch.

Here is the menu:

Buzzed Brumby Espresso Bar (tax included, fee applied to cards):

Americanos $3

Lattes $5

Cappuccinos $5

Mocha $6

Double Espresso $3

Chai Lattes $5

Iced Lattes $6

Iced Mocha $7

Iced Chai Latte $6

Caramel Macchiato $6

Iced Caramel Macchiato $7

Hot Teas $3

Hot Chocolate $3

Alternative milks and sugar free options will be available.

2nd Street Bakeshop Breakfast (tax included, no card fee):

Chia Pudding w/berries (vegan & GF) $6

Protein Balls (vegan & GF) $4

Breakfast burrito (sausage, egg, cheese, or veggie, egg, and cheese) $6

Sausage grit muffin (GF) $4

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffin $4

Packet Pickup


Mustang Hill RV Park & Wild Horse Arena Venue

8039 State Hwy 220, Hico, TX 76457

Entrance from Hwy 220 - only bicycles and pedestrians on Saturday!


Friday 5/17: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Saturday 5/18: 6:00 am - 7:30 am


You must bring your ID. While it is not required, it can be a good idea to bring a copy (or a screenshot on your phone) of your registration for those who like to be over-prepared. But generally just your name and ID will do.

Minors: All minors will be required to have a legal guardian present to sign their release waiver. Participation in the event will not be allowed otherwise. If the parent/legal guardian can't make it in person to Packet Pickup, please request a digital version of the waiver asap, and have the minor bring a signed paper copy with them.

Course Info

All routes will have aid stations + SAG vehicles patrolling the course and assisting riders in need (but they are not your UberXL driver!).

Start time: 7:30 am for all 4 routes.

There are no time cuts on any of the routes but if you come back after the sun has set, make sure you have appropriate lights. Fabian will be waiting with food and beer at the finish line until the last rider has crossed.

A few course safety reminders:

  • This is an open course.
  • Obey all traffic laws and stop at all intersections.
  • The course isn't marked (so yes, really download that route file now!)
  • Carefully walk across the river and other water crossings because of slippery conditions.

Aid Stations

Head to the Route page to study your route and see what mileage the aid stations are located at for your route.

Each aid station will have water and basic food items such as bananas, potato chips and M&M's, as well as hydration mix from Flow Formulas, and waffles and gels from UnTapped.


All Races Will Be Timedl


Visit our Routes page to find the route links.

GL30 La Pequeña - Timed and competitive

La Pequeña is 34 miles with a mild 1,443 ft of climbing. Perfect for anyone wanting to try a gravel event for the first time or someone who wants to just ride short and enjoy the festivities of Gravel Locos. The one aid station along the route is at mile 17. That station will have Salsa Dancing, Cuban Hot Dogs, & Cuban Coffee.

GL60 La Mediana - timed and competitive

La Mediana is 62 miles with 2,700 ft of climbing. The route will have one store stop available and two aid stations. The store stop (if needed) will be the Tommy's gas station at mile 14. Three miles later, the first official aid station will be at mile 17 on top of Loco Hill. The second aid station will be at mile 45. This stop will have Salsa Dancing, Cuban Hot Dogs, & Cuban Coffee.

GL100 La Gran Piedra - timed and competitive

La Gran Piedra is a challenging 112 miles with over 4,898 ft of climbing. Expect to show that you climbed over 5,000 ft. This route will have one store stop and three aid stations along the route. The Tommy's gas station will be available at mile 14 if needed. The first official aid station will be at the top of Loco Hill, at mile 17. At mile 49, you will begin the section of three big climbs in a row known as "the 3B's". To help you recover after the last climb, the second aid station will be a few short miles down the road at mile 55. The next notable point along this route is the Meridian Creek crossing at mile 74. Use caution here because the crossing has been known to be very slippery. The third and final aid station will be at mile 95. There will be Salsa Dancing, Cuban Hot Dogs, & Cuban Coffee.

GL150 La Loca - timed and competitive

As its name implies, you've got to be a lil' crazy to ride La Loca: 157 miles with 6,705 ft of climbing. Don't be surprised if your bike computer actually registers over 7,000 ft of climbing for this route!! If you're ready for this big challenge, you will have two store stops and 4 aid stations along the route to help get you to the finish line of this epic route. The Tommy's gas station will be at mile 14. Just after that, at mile 17, the first official aid station will be waiting for you at the top of Loco Hill. At mile 49, you will begin the hard climbing section known as "the 3B's". These are three hard challenging climbs in a row. A few miles after the last climb of the 3, the second official aid station will be at mile 55. The next notable point along the route is the Meridian Creek crossing, at mile 74. Use caution here as the crossing has been known to be very slippery. At mile 91, there will be another Tommy's gas station available to you. The third official aid station will be next at mile 101. Stock up there and be ready for a thirty nine mile ride to the fourth official aid station at mile 140, where Cuban hot dogs will be waiting for you, along with Salsa Dancing, & Cuban Coffee.


Parking on Friday will be different than Saturday!

On Friday, you can pull directly into Mustang Hill Ranch and park in the field on the right-hand side.

On Saturday, you will need to park in the field across Highway 220, and cross the road to get to the venue, even for Packet Pickup.

See map above.

Travel & Accommodations

Welcome to Hico, TX!

Whether you're flying, driving, (horseback) riding to get to the event, we'll meet you at Mustang Hill RV Park for the weekend festivities.

There are a few options available around Hico, but don't wait to book, it fills up pretty fast!

We have room blocks available in the following hotels; Call Hotel to Book with Group Rate under "Gravel Locos"

1. Best Western Dinosaur Valley Inn Glen Rose

(254) 897-4818
Rooms Starting at $99.99

May 16-May 19
Distance From Race: 21.1 Miles

  1. La Quinta Glen Rose

(254) 898-0679

Rooms Starting at $110.00

May 16-May 19
Distance from Race: 20.2 Miles

Image credit: visithicotexas.com - Stay

Glen Rose and Stephenville are within a 30-minute drive and have additional lodging options. A quick Google search will give you all your options around Hico.

You're hungry too? You're in luck, Historic Hico is filled with yummy restaurants, to suit all tastes and all appetites! Find a complete list here.

Image credit: visithicotexas.com - Dine


Texas is the friendly state. It's law. Break it and you'll get the boot...

A special thank you to our local sponsors for their support!

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