Hico, TX
May 20th, 2023
Why we ride
They will be racing in 2023:
Nicholas Roche - Niki Terpstra
Rob Harmeling - Alex Howes
Jasper Ockeloen - Laurens ten Dam
Ted King - Emily Newsom - Laura King
Alison Tetrick - Adam Roberge - Dylan Johnson
Jessica Cerra - Lauren Stephens
Marisa Boaz - Ivar Slik
Nina "Machina" Machnowski
Sam Boardman - Mat Stephens
Tyler Pearce (The Vegan Cyclist)
Christie Tracy- Thomas Dekker
Ian Boswell - Will Loevner
Sarah Sturm - Brennan Wertz
Kiel Reijnen - Andrew Talansky
Jonas Orset (The Nordic Trailblazer)

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Gravel Locos Features Routes from the heart of THE heartland

The 2023 route maps and links will be posted two to three weeks before the event. The 2023 GL30, GL60, GL100 and GL150 routes will be similar in distance and elevation gain to 2022. La Pequeña GL30 will be the only route NOT timed, all other three (GL60, GL100 and GL150) will be.

GL30 La Pequeña
32.8 mi

Non timed and non competitive. 1 aid station

La Pequeña may be our shortest route but it has the highest percentage of gravel (84%) and over 1,600 feet of elevation gain. The GL30 features the same river crossing as the longer routes, and you should also be ready for a cyclecross challenge around mile 25, where you will have to dismount to cross the barricades blocking the bridge over Bee Creek.

GL60 La Mediana
69 mi

Tmed and competitive. 2 aid stations

La Mediana is 75% gravel, 62.7 miles in distance and has over 3,500 feet of elevation gain. The GL60 features two wet crossings (North Bosque River and Gum Branch), the locally famous "Loco Hill" (20% grade!) near the small town of Iredell and the cyclocross challenge over the barricades at the Bee Creek Bridge.

GL100 La Gran Piedra
110.2 mi

Timed and competitive. 4 aid stations

La Gran Piedra has the best of of the routes! With 9 extra miles to make sure you get to a century on your bike computer, the GL100 won't be easy! 109 miles and its fair share of climbing with 5,000 ft of elevation gain, La Gran Piedra includes the water crossings, "Loco Hill" (yes, still 20% grade) and the 3 hills that are known as the "3 B's". This route has been changed to come back in on 281 and then into town similarly to the other routes.

GL150 La Loca
155.8 mi

Timed and competitive. 6 aid stations

As its name implies, you've got to be a lil' crazy to ride La Loca: 155.9 miles (112 miles of which are on gravel) and 8,200 feet of elevation gain. The GL150 features five wet crossings, the "Loco Hill" along with three of the biggest, baddest hills in Bosque County. All three are back to back and all three kick up into the 17-18% grade. La Loca is also loaded with rolling hills and great scenery and passes by the oldest Seventh Day Adventist Church in Texas, built in 1913 and through old pecan plantations and the Leon River Valley.

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