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Hico Volunteer Fire Department


Hico Volunteer Fire Department: a cherished station for generations

The current Hico VFD fire station was built in 1986, but the history of HVFD goes back to when the town of Hico was established (1883). There is a long history and connection of the volunteer firefighters to their station. Their great grandparents, grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters all have served this community in one capacity or another as volunteers of the Fire Department. The walls of the station are decorated with family members past and present. Words cannot accurately describe the pride and love these volunteers have for their fire station. You have to pay them a visit to understand.
The Hico original fire truck from 1913, still cherished by the entire Fire Department.

Our pledge

HVFD no longer has a command vehicle. It is incredibly upsetting that such a critical and potentially life saving vehicle is no longer part of their small fleet of donated service vehicles. Gravel Locos made a pledge to these selfless volunteers: the gravel community and our free event will do everything possible to help. We pledged to give everyone at our event an opportunity to express their appreciation for these volunteers that risk their lives daily in order to keep their community safe. Here is YOUR opportunity to show your support: the HVFD GoFundMe fundraiser for a new Command Vehicle.

This is the Command Vehicle we pledged to raise funds for ($85,000 value).

A word from Brandon Keller, Hico VFD Fire Chief

The Hico Volunteer Fire Department currently consists of 28 volunteers who live in and around Hico. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to add to our fleet of fire trucks while also upgrading equipment and fire gear. One item that Hico VFD would greatly benefit from is a command vehicle. This vehicle would benefit the Hico VFD in several ways. First, it will allow the department to have a dedicated vehicle to run command on all types of calls. It would allow us to haul firemen to and from the scene; haul tools and various equipment; it would facilitate carrying drinking water and snacks for rehab on large grass fires; it would allow us to pull the air-pack refill trailer to the scene of structure fires with the added capability of refilling air-packs on site. Tools we might carry on this truck would be chain saws, leaf blowers, flotation pump, shovels, brooms, traffic cones, gas and carbon monoxide detector just to name a few. As with any volunteer department, we always have needs and even some wants. Any help that we receive is always greatly appreciated.
Meet (half) the crew! -- February 2021

Thank you for your support!

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